Xbox One said to be ‘easily the most appealing console platform’ for game makers


People will be comparing the brand new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoftin any number of ways for years to come. Sales, power, performance, utility, home entertainment capabilities and more are all valid points of comparison, but another angle we keep seeing pop up gives us a different perspective on the current-generation “console wars.” As developers continue to test Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’sPlayStation 4, feedback they share could give us an idea of what to expect from game makers on each platform — and according to one independent game lab, Xbox One is the place to be for indies.

“[Xbox One is] easily the most appealing console platform for developers like us to release on,” independent video game studio No Goblin recently posted on its blog. “Diving into the Xbox One universe has been super easy for us, and Chris [Charla] and Richard [Rouse] have been incredibly responsive and helpful in dealing with all of my old man game developer quirks.”

The lab made the statements in a post announcing that its eagerly anticipated PC game “Roundabout” will be among the first independent games to launch for the Xbox One. No specific release date for Roundabout on the Xbox One was shared.


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