1Password: Android Fingerprint Unlock Support


1Password update is coming to a lot of the android device. In line with Google’s Material Design style, that now supports using a fingerprint scanner to log in.

The app may only require that you enter in a single password, but typing a long master password on mobile can be a huge pain. Now, you’ll be able to lean mostly on a fingerprint scanner, so long as your phone is supported. It’ll only work with phones using Marshmallow’s fingerprint support, so phones on earlier versions of Android or with custom fingerprint software may not be supported.

The update for 1Password, up to version 6.0, is  available in the Play Store. It also adds in support for sharing passwords with teams. If you aren’t already using 1Password (or another password manager), it’s absolutely worth taking a look at. The app automatically generates and stores strong passwords for every new service you sign up for, helping to keep your information safe should any one password be compromised. Mobile has made 1Password a bit of a hassle, but fingerprint support should make matters a bit easier.


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