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Remix OS: How to run Android OS on your PC

Remix OS now makes it pretty cool to run the android OS on your personal computers. Remix OS is an Android fork that brings over a Windows-like Android experience. Jide, the company founded by former Googlers, manufactured special hardware for Remix OS, but it has decided to make the operating system available free of charge for anyone looking to run Android on their computer.

Remix OS will be available for downloads starting January 12th and then you can run it on any x86 computer.

You’ll need a FAT32 USB 3.0 flash drive with at least 8GB of free storage on it, and that’s it.

Just restart your computer and boot directly from that USB drive. At that point, you’ll run Android on your computer with a complete interface.

The drive can go anywhere with you, as you’ll have an Android computer in your pocket that will work on most x86 PCs out there. And it’ll even work on some Macs.

You’ll be able to log into your Google account, install apps, and do everything else you’d do on a smartphone or tablet running on Android OS. But you’ll do it with the help of a keyboard and mouse. For now, you’ll get access to Remix OS 2.0 based on Lollipop, but a Marshmallow version should follow.


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