• Export To MP4 in Adobe After Effects

    How To Export To MP4 in Adobe After Effects CC 2018

    MP4 is one of the most common and widely-accepted video formats in the world, there are a lot of reasons as to why you might potentially need to save a video as MP4. However, if you’re reading this article chances are you might be having some trouble exporting MP4 video out of After Effects CC […] More

  • Google Partners With Coursera

    Google Partners With Coursera to Train more IT Support Specialists

    Google partners with Coursera to launch the Google IT Support Professional Certificate programme for IT support professionals to help create entry-level IT support jobs globally. The programme will help anyone with no prior experience to be ready for an entry-level IT support job in eight to 12 months. “We developed this curriculum to address this […] More

  • Youtube

    YouTube stricten rules for video creators to make money from ads

    Youtube is making the biggest changes to the advertising rules on their platform, another attempt to clean up its content and answer persistent complaints from advertisers. Youtube announced on that it will require creators to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of videos watched in the past 12 months before they can monetise […] More

  • Best of CES 2018

    The Best of CES 2018

    The Best of CES 2018 – Every year in Las Vegas, consumer technology companies use the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to introduce their upcoming line-up of products. The majority of products are niche products for a specific audience or tweaks to previous models. This year is not different from the previous, as this year showcases […] More

  • Final Fantasy NT

    7 Things You Might Not Know About Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a new brawler from Square Enix and Koei Tecmo coming to PS4 on 30th January. Known in arcades across Japan as Dissidia Final Fantasy, the latest installment of the fighting franchise features three-versus-three combat and a roster full of characters from all ages of the Final Fantasy saga. Ahead of […] More


    AEE SELFLY: This Smartphone Case Transforms Into a Drone

    At the Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2018), AEE Aviation Technology Inc. announced the introduction of AEE SELFLY ™, a smartphone case with an embedded drone, the first device of its kind. AEE SELFLY provides smartphone users everywhere the ability to capture amazing selfie pictures at a whole new level of quality and precision, for nearly any […] More

  • Google Calendar

    Google about to roll out new UI for Google Calendar

    In October 2017, Google  announced a new web user interface (UI) for Google Calendar. As a reminder, they have several options for how their users will transition to this new UI. On January 8th for Rapid Release domains (and January 15th for Scheduled Release domains), we’ll begin auto-upgrading users whose domains are set to the automatic (default) rollout option. […] More

  • 88-inch 8K OLED display

    LG shows off the world’s largest 88-inch 8K OLED display

    LG has revealed the world’s first 88-inch 8K OLED display. The company will show off the giant TV as CES 2018 in Las Vegas this month, and says it is the future of the ‘high-end premium TV market’. It has four times as many pixels as current 4K UHD TVs – although so far there […] More

  • Haven app

    Edward Snowden’s Haven app ‘catches spies’

    Edward Snowden built a new security app that can catch anyone who tries to steal or tamper with your belongings when you aren’t around. The app, called Haven, uses a smartphone’s various sensors to detect when your possessions might be at risk from intruders and capture evidence. You can then remotely monitor any activity going […] More

  • How to Enable the Built-In Windows 10 OpenSSH Client

    How to Enable the Built-In Windows 10 OpenSSH Client

    With each new release of Windows 10, we see more and more useful tools being ported from Linux. First, we had the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is awesome, and now we have a built-in OpenSSH client and server, which uses version 7.5p1 of OpenSSH. While the Windows 10 OpenSSH software is currently in Beta, it […] More

  • storyboard

    Google’s new photography apps

    Have you tried google’s new photography apps? Google launched the first installment of a series of photography apps useful for mobile photography experiences built on experimental technology. Their approach was inspired in part by Motion Stills, an app developed by researchers at Google that converts short videos into cinemagraphs and time lapses using experimental stabilization […] More

  • Microsoft Surface Book 2

    Microsoft Surface Book 2 Specifications

    The Microsoft Surface Book 2 comes with the latest generation of Intel Core processors, runs professional-grade software, apps, and PC games with ease. Powerful dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics ensure fluid immersive experiences, while the vibrant PixelSense Display delivers stunning, lifelike visuals from virtually any angle. And with up to 17 hours more battery life and […] More

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