White and Disc-less Xbox One Consoles Rumoured

Limited edition Titanfall console also supposedly on the way.

Microsoft is reportedly working to bring a range of different Xbox One models to market, including its white employee-only one, along with disc-less and 1TB hard drive versions.
The report comes from an alleged insider on NeoGAF, though The Verge has been able to verify elements of the claims independently.

Please note that none of the below statements have been confirmed by Microsoft. IGN has reached out to try and verify what we can, but until then do not take any of the below as fact.

The forum poster claims that a white version of the Xbox One will be made available alongside Sunset Overdrive in October. While The Verge doesn’t confirm the timing, it has verified that the company is planning to release the white console this year. The forum poster also claims a limited edition 1TB model of the Xbox One will launch a month later in November.

Other rumors include a Xbox One console is on the way without a Blu-Ray drive, but with a Bluetooth adapter. While no time frame is given for this, again The Verge claims that Microsoft has been testing such a device internally.
The poster also claims a limited edition Titanfall Xbox One is on the way, images of which can be seen below. This could very easily be photo-shopped from the confirmed controller we’ve seen previously; we’re trying to verify and will update when we know more.


We’re working to verify all of this with Microsoft as fast as we can and will update the story as soon as we know more. The poster has been verified by NeoGAF but, even so, that doesn’t mean the information he is giving is necessarily accurate.


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