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Video: The Xbox One has a big ace up its sleeve to help it win the console war

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The PlayStation 4 has certainly won the early battles of the console war but it’s still way too early to count the Xbox One out. Why? Because Microsoft thinks its cloud computing prowess is the ace up its sleeve that will help it pull ahead of Sony over the long-term. In a new video posted on the official Xbox blog, Microsoft shows us how its Xbox Live Compute cloud gaming platform has helped give Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment the ability to concentrate on making the best game possible without fretting over whether its multiplayer components will overpower Microsoft’s server capacity.

“One of the biggest advantages to having additional server horsepower is being able to rely on that power to make more ‘stuff’ happen in the game,” Microsoft writes. “Additionally, when more ‘stuff’ is being computed by the server, it affords the developer the ability to continuously patch and tune the game without the player even noticing. The addition of cloud-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Non-player Characters (NPC) have led to higher fidelity game worlds, and generally more exciting online game experiences.”

Why is this so crucial to the Xbox One’s future? Because if Microsoft can use its cloud platform as a major selling point, it can snag more console exclusives like Titanfall that can take advantage of Live Compute to offer the best online multiplayer experience around. So while Sony may be winning the early sprint of this generation’s console war, Microsoft might have the tools to win the marathon.

The full video follows below.


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