Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Zoom uncovered

Just as we expected would be the case in 2014, Samsung seemingly plans to continue using its extremely effective “gadget spam” strategy this year and flood the market with multiple versions of its new flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone. We’re not sure how well they sold — though a trusted source told BGR late last year that the Galaxy S4 Active was a somewhat popular option at AT&T — but two of Samsung’s more talked about Galaxy S4 variants were the S4 Active and the S4 Zoom. The former is a water-resistant and dust-resistant handset while the latter focused on photography. Now, according to two separate leaks on Tuesday, it looks like both the Active and the Zoom lines will be carrier forward in 2014.

Where the ruggedized version of Samsung’s hero phone is concerned, Korean-language ET News reports that its sources have confirmed an incoming Galaxy S5 Active. The device will be water-resistant and dust-resistant just like its predecessor, and Samsung is reportedly forecasting that the S5 Active will make up between 20% and 30% of global S5 series sales. According to the report, the Galaxy S4 Active only comprised about 4% of Galaxy S4 sales worldwide.

Moving over to Indian import database Zauba, the site shows two listings for a Samsung SM-C115 “mobile camera for R&D purpose” that entered the country on January 31st. The per unit value works out to just over $520, which is roughly in line with the S4 Zoom. As such, it is believed that this is indeed the Galaxy S5 Zoom that will launch sometime in the coming months.

As for the main Galaxy S5 smartphone, it is believed that the handset will be unveiled later this month during a press conference on February 24th, just ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress trade show.


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