The LG G3 beats the HTC One (M8) to become the best smartphone in the world

The LG G2 signalled the start of a new era for LG last year, topping Stuff’s Top 10 Smartphones list while picking up both the Smartphone and Gadget of the Year accolades at the 2013 Stuff Awards in the process. And now it’s done it again.

The LG G3 has toppled the mighty HTC One (M8), which now means it’s currently the best smartphone in the world.

While the metal One (M8) will still be the choice for design connoisseurs, the G3 won us over with its superb 5.5in 2K screen, super-slim bezels and excellent camera.

Coupled with the flexibility of a removal battery, microSD slot and minimalist UI, the G3 offers a package that’s very hard to resist.


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