CarLock brings connected security to your automobile

With all the talk of connected homes, cars, and other items in your life, one thing remains an underlying concern. Security is still a category we find a lot of companies making staking their claim. Dropcam and various others have made their way into your home, but what about your car?

CarLock is a device/app combo that could end up keeping your car safe, and save you a few bucks in the meantime. An OBD dongle plugs into your car, and pairs with the app (available on iOS or Android) to keep track of your vehicle. Utilizing the cloud, CarLock can trace your stolen vehicle, and even let you know if a break-in occurred.

The OBD dongle will alert you if the car is moved, the engine started, or the OBD is removed. You can also choose to be notified if the GPS signal is lost, but it’s not going to go nuts if you don’t want it to. You can choose to quiet the signal as needed, so if your car is tucked away in the garage — you don’t have to connect to CarLock.

Anti-theft devices can save you up to 25% on your auto insurance bill, so a CarLock may be worth it. It’s $189 for the dongle, which is proprietary to the free app. There is also a $9.60/month charge for their cloud backbone, so be sure to make sure it’s monetarily worth it if that’s a concern to you.


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