Mythbuster Adam Savage explains how to bring cartoons to the real world with an iPhone

Last month, you might remember seeing the work of storyboard artist Marty Cooper (aka Hombre McSteez). If you didn’t (then go watch it right now), he’s the man behind “Aug(De)mented Reality,” a three minute collection of entertaining stop-motion cartoons that have been brought into the real world. He does so using only transparent plastic cells, a sharpie, Wite Out, then capturing it all on his iPhone 5s. If it left you wondering what iPhone app Cooper uses (StopMotion Recorder) or how he manages to match each frame with the scene, then you’re in luck, as he’s taken the time to show none other than Mythbusters legend Adam Savage the tricks of the trade. In the video below, Cooper unleashes one of his creations inside the workshop, giving you a taste of how to bring your own imaginary monsters to life without any special effects.


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