Smart iPhone 6 case vows to make snapping pictures easier than ever before

By all accounts, the iPhone 6 really does have the best camera of any iPhone released to date. And if you want to make sure taking pictures on your brand-new iPhone 6 camera is literally a snap, you might want to check out the Kickstarter page for Snap! 6, a new iPhone 6 case that was designed specifically to make using your device’s camera easier than ever before.

The Snap! 6 case features an interchangeable lens, a dedicated shutter button and a special ergonomic grip that’s designed to let you easily take pictures with the iPhone 6using only one hand. bitplay, the company behind the case, says that it makes taking selfies significantly easier because it makes your iPhone much easier to grip and take pictures with just the press of a button.

The interchangeable lens looks like the coolest feature in the camera, though, and bitplay says that “by having a macro and wide-angle lenses, you can now enjoy the benefits of enhanced photo with amazing details, quality and wider perspective,” thus transforming your iPhone “into a powerful pro-level camera that is as intuitive and functional as it is sleek and compact.”

The Snap! 6 is looking to raise $20,000 and has so far raised just over $3,000 with 27 more days to go. You have to pledge $35 to get a Snap! 6 and bitplay estimates the case will be delivered to you sometime this December.

Learn more about the Snap! 6 by clicking the source link below.


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