Lenovo builds a projector into the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

Yoga Tablet 2

Lenovo has made some minor updates to its 8-inch and 10-inch Yoga 2 tablets , changing the kickstand design and adding a Windows 8 version, but it’s another new Yoga tablet product that really stands out as different.

The new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is a 13-inch Android tablet with the same cylindrical edge/kickstand design, but inside that bulging hinge is a built-in pico projector.

Yoga Tablet 2 -3

It’s a surprising addition that makes this a unique product. The projector is activated by a physical button on the side of the chassis, or by a software button on the main interface screen. It projects a 16:9 image that Lenovo says will work up to 50 inches diagonally. A small focus slider is built into the rounded edge for adjusting the picture.

The speakers are a step above what we normally see in tablets, with 8 watts of output and a small built-in JBL-branded subwoofer. The tablet’s 13-inch screen has a better-than-HD resolution of 2,560×1,440 pixels, but the projector throws its image at a lower resolution.

As an Android tablet, the 13-inch Yoga Tablet Pro 2 is bigger than most, and the big, rounded edge makes it less portable than many other tablets — it’ll take up more room in your bag than a simple, fully flat tablet. That said, the rounded edge gives you something to grip when holding the tablet in your hand, and the kickstand makes it easy to set up as a display. Like the smaller Yoga 2 tablets, this version has a cutout in the kickstand that can be used to hang the entire device from a hook.

Yoga Tablet 2

Lenovo says the battery life should be about 3 hours if you’re using the projector, or up to 15 hours without. The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro will go on sale around the end of October in the US and Europe, starting at $499 and €499, and £449 in the UK. In Australia, it’ll be on sale from mid-October in JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman for AU$799.


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