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Plex adds free Chromecast support for all, media shuffling and camera uploads to iOS

If paying for beta access to new features isn’t your bag, the folks at Plex have some good news for you. The media outfit’s announced that not only is beaming your content to Google’s HDMI dongle free now (if you’ve purchased the app), but iOS fans can join the music and photo party too. But wait, there’s more: the update also lets web users and iDevice owners shuffle, reorder, remove and add content to a media queue with some pretty neat filtering options. There isn’t an ETA for availability on other platforms, however.

Plex Pass subscribers have a new toy too: iOS camera uploads. The feature is pretty self-explanatory (photos are background-uploaded from your device to the Plex servers), but, if you don’t have an Apple TV, it’s likely one of the easier ways to put your pictures on the living room flat-screen. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of theChromecast-app floodgates creaking open — on Apple’s mobile OS, even.


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