“Slimmest” launch in PlayStation history happening in few days.

Sony teases a skinny new console for 30th January announcement..


Sony has invited UK journalists to a breakfast event on 30th January, promising to introduce them to the “slimmest” device in PlayStation history.

So what could it be? The smart money is on a UK launch for the slimline PS Vita Sony already sells in Japan. This model is 15 percent lighter and 20 percent thinner than the current UK PS Vita, and offers a slightly better battery life and larger 64GB memory card.


There are other possibilities: the PS Vita TV miniature games console (also available in Japan), essentially a Vita stuffed inside a tiny, cheap box you can hook up to your living room telly; or (and we think this quite unlikely) it could be a brand new model entirely.

We’ll be there to poke, prod and opinion-form on whatever it is Sony shows off, so check back on Thursday for the lowdown.

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