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Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 easily jumps from voice to video and works with Cortana

Now that the Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana announcements are out of the way, Skype’s spilling the details on its upcoming app refresh for Microsoft’s new mobile platform. The upgraded Skype app for WP 8.1 will feature a new button that you can press to turn a regular phone call into a Skype video chat. It’s similar to that FaceTime option iOS users see when they make calls, though obviously, Skype’s version will only work if you have the other person’s account details.

That’s not all, though — Skype will now also come with Cortana (the platform’s Siri-like voice assistant) integration. This gives you the power to instantly launch convos by hitting the search icon and saying: “Skype, get [someone’s name] on video.” Other than that, the Microsoft-owned outfit is updating its Windows 8.1 and RT app, as well, so you can finally pin it to the taskbar and make it accessible on both Start and desktop screens. Unfortunately, the updated app might not be available as soon as WP 8.1 launches, but Skype says it should be out in the coming months.


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