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Samsung: Here’s why the Galaxy S5 is better than the HTC One (M8)

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Samsung is apparently getting ready to convince customers that the Galaxy S5 is a better choice than the HTC One (M8) as the company prepares the launch of its flagship handset. According to a leaked image posted on Weibo, Samsung has four main arguments to prove to customers that its high-end device is better than HTC’s recently released smartphone, as mentioned in a training presentation for selling the handset.

Here’s why the Galaxy S5 is better than the HTC One (M8,) according to the translation of those training materials:

  • The HTC M8 is not dust and waterproof, while the SGS5 is IP67 certified.
  • Galaxy S5′s camera is better, with a higher amount of megapixels, quicker focus, and overall, “more professional.”
  • The HTC One M8 is not as user-friendly as the S5. Samsung’s flagship boasts childproof features, a removable battery and the new Ultra Power Saving Mode.
  • The HTC One M8 is not as secure as the S5. The M8 lacks a fingerprint scannerwhile the S5 has one, on top of KNOX.

HTC surely can counter some of Samsung’s points, especially considering that it’s ready for a verbal duel with the Galaxy handset maker, having already firmly criticizedthe build quality of the Galaxy S5 and its “software gimmicks” during the HTC One (M8)’s announcement.

The two companies will battle for customers’ attention in multiple markets this spring, with the Galaxy S5 set to launch next week – the HTC One (M8) is already available in various markets.


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