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LG announces Lifeband Touch fitness tracker, Heart Rate Earphones

Two new wearables that connect to any Android device


LG is on stage at its CES keynote, where it has just announced two new wearable devices. First is the Lifeband Touch, a fitness-focused device that connects to your phone over Bluetooth. Much like the Fitbit, the Lifeband Touch provides accurate health and fitness data tracking, feeding it back to your phone — LG specified this isn’t an LG-only feature — with a connected app. The device has a touchscreen OLED display, and LG showed off both fitness data and an incoming call showing up on the band.

lg-lifeband-touch 2

Extending the fitness wearable category, LG has also announced what it calls Heart Rate Earphones — a wired headset that connects to both the Lifeband Touch and your phone over Bluetooth. While of course providing media playback and regular fitness updates during your workout, the Heart Rate Earphones naturally measure your heart rate, feeding that data back to your Lifeband Touch for better fitness tracking.


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