Acer Unveils New Powerful Gaming Notebooks

Today, Acer unveiled a new lineup of powerful PCs that feature the best of Windows 10. The Predator 15 and 17, Acer’s most powerful gaming Notebooks

Predator 15 Gaming Notebook

Designed for those with a need for speed, the Predator 15 and Predator 17 gaming notebooks combine powerful 6th Gen Intel Core processors with high-performance NVIDIA GeForce graphics, fast DDR4 memory, PCIe solid state drives, advanced cooling and stellar audio capabilities. Sporting red accents and a black chassis with geometric lines and soft texture coating for extra grip, the Predator notebooks are ready to tackle any challenge.

Predator 17 Gaming Notebook

For extreme performance, all models include the Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, while select models feature NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 graphics, up to 32GB of DDR4 memory and enterprise level 512GB NVMe PCIe solid state drives1, which can transfer a 10GB movie within 4 seconds. In addition, full USB 3.1 Type-C support allows the ultra-fast transfer of files, movies, songs and photos between external storage devices.

Acer cranks up the entertainment value with SoundPound, a combination of stellar audio features. Predator 17 models feature SoundPound 4.2, which includes four built-in speakers and two subwoofers, delivering 12 watts of sound, while Predator 15 models feature SoundPound 2.1, which includes two speakers and one subwoofer, for six watts of sound. In addition, Dolby Audio surround sound enhances the overall sound quality, while both notebooks support studio quality headphones of up to 600 Ohm (600Ω) impedance.

Pricing and Availability

The Acer Predator 15 and Predator 17 notebook lines will be available in North America in November. With prices starting at US$1,499.99 for the Predator 15 and starting at $1,599.99 for the Predator 17. They will also be available in EMEA in November with prices starting at €1,599 for the Predator 15 and starting at €1,799 for the Predator 17. In China, they will be available in October with prices starting at ¥16,999.

Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. To find out about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office or retailer via


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