Upcoming new smartphone will last a remarkable 2 weeks on a single charge

The upcoming new YotaPhone, pictured above, shows us just how gorgeous a smartphone with an E Ink display can be. The device combines a full color display with an E Ink screen, allowing owners to extend the phone’s battery life and utilize the power-sipping E Ink panel for basic functions. But what if the handset did away with the color display entirely? This is the vision of European eReader maker Onyx, which on Monday showed off its MIDIA InkPhone smartphone, a handset that promises a remarkable two weeks of battery life per charge.

“Low capacity of batteries is a weakness of modern smartphones,” Poland-based Onyx explained on its website. “Multitude of functions and applications causes increased energy consumption. We have to charge our phones even everyday. That is consequence of using large LCD displays and many aplications that works in background, when device is running.”

The site continues, “If you want to have smartphone you can trust, think about those solution. Smartphone with E Ink display can be really good alternative for energy-eater smartphones.”

The MIDIA InkPhone touts a 4.3-inch E Ink Flex display as well as a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. The star of the show is the phone’s battery, however, which lasts for two weeks on a charge despite packing just 1,800 mAh.

onyxphone-e43-1200x250 onyxphone-e43-2-224x300

Engadget spent some hands-on time with the MIDIA InkPhone, and you can check out the blog’s photos and thoughts by following the link in the source section below.


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