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Samsung’s promise for its new voice assistant, Bixby

Samsung Bibxy

Samsung is introducing its new voice “Bixby”, it’s smart Artificial Intelligent assistant.

Bixby will feature in the upcoming Galaxy s8 that would be announced later this month. User will be able to activate Bixby with a dedicated button that would launch the AI assistant. Once activated, Bixby will help you navigate a handful of preinstalled apps, with others added over time. Bixby at first will launch with two languages, English and Korean, and plan to add other languages later on.

We still don’t know exactly how Bixby is different from other AI assistant like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and likes. Dr. Injong Rhee, Samsung’s head of research and development for software and services, says it’s “philosophically different from other agents,” and its purpose is to “change user behavior from just using touch commands.”

“Bixby is an intelligent user interface”

We’ll find out just how cool Bixby is when the Galaxy S8 debuts.


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