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Revealed: Everything you need to bring Google Fiber to your city

Do you want Google Fiber to come to your city? Well get in line: There are plenty of other cities that want it as well. However, DSLReports has done us the favor of posting a Google Fiber City Checklist that Google is handing out to prospective new Fiber locations so we can see all of the hoops that cities will have to jump through before Google will agree to bring its high-speed network to them.

So what i’s need dotting and t’s need crossing before Google will start building out Fiber in your municipal area? Broadly speaking, Google wants cities to give them detailed information about “local infrastructure like utility poles, conduit and existing water, gas and electricity lines” to help Google map out the best routes for fiber deployment; access to as many pieces of public infrastructure as possible so that Google doesn’t have to waste time and money building duplicate utility poles; and a “speedy and predictable” construction permit process that will let Google develop a firm timetable for getting infrastructure laid down. This last requirement involves sending Google a copy of your city’s standard permit application for review, among other things.

While none of these requirements are all that surprising, it’s still interesting to see what Google values the most when looking at prospective new Google Fiber cities. Any cities that want to be considered for future expansions should certainly take note.


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