Paralyzed teen to kick World Cup’s first ball with mind-controlled exoskeleton

fifa 2014
This year’s World Cup could be host to something more exciting than a bicycle kick scoring the winning goal. Thanks to an international collaboration between universities such as Colorado State University, The Technical University of Munich and Duke University, a paralyzed teen is set to open the sporting event by kicking a football while wearing a motorized exoskeleton controlled by his or her brain.

Colorado State University in particular recently published a video of its portion of the Walk Again Project, describing just how the mind-control helmet was 3D-printed layer-by-layer in order to fit the wearer’s head and connect the electrodes. Take a peek after the break to see the video in question, which also offers a fascinating look into how advances in robotics and 3D printing can improve people’s lives. Which is a hell of a lot more entertaining than watching Nigel de Jong roughing up Xabi Alonso again.


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