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Microsoft’s Story Remix puts a movie studio in your PC

Microsoft’s Story Remix

Microsoft is introducing with the Fall Creators Update a new Windows 10 app called Story Remix.

Story Remix appears to be the update to Windows Movie Maker which the company ditched way back. Story Remix works in the cloud by collating images and video you use from any device.


Microsoft is also combining its work with Remix 3D and Paint 3D into Story Remix, allowing Windows users to import 3D models into movies. You can even pin objects into scenes, much like how Snapchat’s new augmented reality lenses work and things like ink will follow people around in videos. Soundtracks can also be added from Microsoft’s Groove music service.

Story Remix goes beyond other editing systems in many ways. Its main trick is machine learning, which it uses to analyse what’s in your photos and videos. Using that information, it can figure out when and where your media was shot, who’s in it, and even pick out the ground plane and other objects.


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