Microsoft soon to hit the market with smartwatches

The latest technology giant is soon to hit production of  smartwatches. With plans to offer a sensor-rich smartwatches that measures heart rate and syncs with  Windows Phones, Android Phones and iPhones.

It’s a surprising development in the ongoing conversation about wearables that till now has been dominated by Apple and Samsung.

The smartwatch will draw on optical engineering expertise from Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect division to continuously measure heart rate through the day and night, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the company’s plans, while the battery will last for two days, roughly on par with Samsung’s Gear Fit.

It appears that the device won’t be limited to Windows phone alone, but will be able to work with other devices like Apple and Samsung.

Optical engineers from Microsoft’s Kinect division, designers and data scientists have created a software platform to go with the smartwatch that will correlate data from the device’s sensors, according to sources, giving a more accurate read on heart rate and fitness.

The timeline for the watch’s release date is yet to be known, but Microsoft could be aiming for as soon as this summer.


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