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Here’s why smartphone users need the cloud

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Smartphone and tablet users might not use their devices in the most secure fashion – both when it comes to data security and device integrity. But coupling mobile devices with the available advanced services such as app ecosystems and cloud data services is a must, a new infographic from Kloudless shows, specifically when it comes to cloud-related features.

The cloud services provider’s infographic says that average smartphone users spends 95 minutes per day using their phones, whether for business or pleasure. Most interestingly, without cloud computing, average mobile users would lose 240 productive hours per year. Such productivity loss would cost users $6,800 per year and would amount to a 6-week vacation.

The infographic, available in its entirety below, further shows how cloud computing is able to improve the overall mobile experience – it helps various popular app work on a mobile device, reduces the need of users carrying additional external storage devices to hold their data, and secures files, preventing unwanted data loss and accidents.

Kloudless offers its own cloud services, and works with Gmail and Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive and many other cloud services.

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