Google Allo is available on web to Android users only

Chat on your computer with Allo

Google Allo

Google’s smart messaging app Google Allo can now be accessible via the web browser, but only if you have an Android phone.

You can get it running by scanning the QR code on the browser with the Allo App on your Android phone. For now, Allo is not available to iPhone users.

Allo comes with a chrome like incognito mode function that allows private chat notifications or setting them to expire.

With Google Assistant support, This is the first time officially that Google Assistant is coming to desktop.

To get started, Visit Allo on web Here

  1. Open Google Allo on your Android phone
  2. Go to Menu   Allo for web
  3. Scan the code with your phone.




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  1. Sounds like a great. I’ve always been looking forward to this. I would say Allo is the awesome messaging apps. It has Google Assistant built-in and I assume you have know what special things it can do. You can buy tickets to watch movies for tonight without leaving your app. When you want to reserve a hotel, you can ask Allo to suggest a list of hotels and you can make the reservation without leaving the app. Whatever you can do.

    Allo makes you type less. Your friend send you an image and you are in hurry but you want to quickly response to him. Allo has already prepared some suggestions of responses. Just choose which one and click on it.

    Once again, I say YES that Google Allo will be a successful messaging apps. If you doubt with my answer, you can give other early messaging apps that have the similar features on Allo.

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