The gadget that could take TV gesture controls to the next level

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple was going to enter new product categories in 2014. No one knows exactly what these categories will be, but the two most widely rumored ones are wearables and TV. So it caught our attention when we saw a new device called Nod that creatively combines both categories by using a wearable computer to interact with TVs in new ways.

As you can see in the video below, Nod is a ring that uses gesture controls to interact with smart TVs and computers, somewhat like a Wii controller. Typically you’ll wear it around your index finger and is used to search for movies on Netflix, play games and even shuffle through slides in a PowerPoint presentations.

There are some downsides to Nod — it’s pretty expensive at $149, it looks a bit bulky, and the gestures look a bit clunky. Nonetheless the Nod — or a device like it — could be the key to making wearables more popular.


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