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Samsung Galaxy Round…first ever curved phone

This is the first look at the Samsung Galaxy round personally i am more excited about the LG Gflex because that seems more unique..but there are still a lot of interesting things that we can look at in the first available curved display so with out any further due let’s start the review of Galaxy Round..

Hardware Or Design

At first glance Galaxy Round actually doesn’t come off as all that crazy of a phone .It seem like any other Samsung smart phone, infact it looks like it’s older brother of Samsung Galaxy Note3 ,it has the same 5.7inch 1080p display , the same look like leather plastic at the back just a slightly different color more brown back, and it actually had most of it’s specs same as the Note3 , the same 13MP camera and a flash and you know what .. that’s exactly what it is a curved display Galaxy Note3.. i’ll have a link to my review of Galaxy note 3 down at the bottom if you want to refresh it a little bit..
But because this Galaxy Round is curved it makes a few trade off and comes back with a few bonus features..
So here are all the differences between the Galaxy Round and the Note3..
  1. Is the backing ,back of the Note 3 is as be all know flat and has a leather like plastic,the back of Galaxy Round is bit more rigid is it bent in to the curved shape of the round to fit the back of the phone it is still plastic not some different crazy material ..
  2. when you remove the back you will get to see the battery and the the speaker, speaker is more bigger and louder and it fire the back of the phone instead the bottom like the Note 3,it has a 2800mAh battery it smaller than the Note3’s battery and it has  a different shape too it’s more taller than wider to fit the curved back of the phone .But you can still easily get 1day out of this phone..
  3. And you get another battery with the Galaxy Round in the box and another charge to charge that extra battery when it’s not in phone ..that’s why the box looks bigger than that of Galaxy Note3 ..and it has a USB3.0 port to charge both in the phone and the external charger, but it still supports USB2.0 ..
  4. Another difference is the lack of the S-pen in the Galaxy Round ,but it’s not part of the Note line so it not the big of a deal and it’s hard to get an empty slot for a stylus in a curved device like this..
  5. Galaxy Round is little bit thinner and a little bit lighter ,than the Note3 the but not really by all that feels more compact…

On paper both have a 5.7 inch 1080p AMOLED display both are gorgeous and broth and nice to look at..

But the slight curve radius on the Round feels more easy to use ,the shape is really slight very subtle almost seems like the middle of the phone is flat and only the edges are curved..after using this phone for a while you will you will really like and be glad that it is there..
the curved display makes texting a real pleasure it’s more easier to reach the corners than in any other phone with a same size of display you will not notice the curve while looking at the images but you can always feel it every time you hold the phone..and it improves the extreme viewing angles ..

Software And Specifications

Galaxy Round has the pretty much same software as the Note3 ,but to make use of the curve of the phone Samsung threw in a  feature called The Roll Effect , basically what it does is when your phone is on a table or any other flat surface you can tilt it any side to get some notifications and glance able information .. but the phone cannot recognize when it’s being done on purpose so it takes a lot of time between tilting and showing the notifications .it’s easier to just tap the home button and see you notifications the regular way..
There are not many difference between the Galaxy Round and the galaxy Note3 Round is just a compact Note3 ..
But besides all that it’s a really nice phone and the curved display experience is really nice i would not recommend buying it right now, i would suggest to wait for Galaxy Round 2 because it make better use of the curved display on the software side ..
But if you are eager to use a curved display phone and just have to have it you can buy it.. 
 Round specs
round specs 2


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