Edward Snowden’s Haven app ‘catches spies’

The app turns any Android phone into a surveillance system

Haven app

Edward Snowden built a new security app that can catch anyone who tries to steal or tamper with your belongings when you aren’t around.

The app, called Haven, uses a smartphone’s various sensors to detect when your possessions might be at risk from intruders and capture evidence.

You can then remotely monitor any activity going on in the physical space around them, to make it easier to identify any potential criminals.

Edward Snowden Haven app

It is open source, meaning its code can be inspected.

It is designed to be used on a “second” smartphone that can be left with the possessions a user wishes to monitor.

The app was created as a joint venture between The Guardian Project and Freedom of the Press Foundation, of which Edward Snowden is board president.

“Haven detects changes in the environment using the sensors in a typical smartphone to alert you if anyone enters your space or attempts to tamper with your devices while you aren’t there.”

The app then sends encrypted alerts to the user’s primary phone, allowing them to monitor the activity via a server on the dark web, known as Tor Onion.


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