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Early adopters are no longer the only Virgins using Google Glass

As we’ve mentioned before, Google Glass has some potentially amazing applications that go well beyond taking shower selfies. Now Virgin Atlantic has announced that it’s launching a trial that will see some of its staff members don Google’s computerized headsets to assist with airport customer service. Specifically, Virgin says that “concierge staff in the airline’s Upper Class Wing will be using Google Glass and other wearable technology to deliver the industry’s most high tech and personalized customer service yet.”

Virgin says that it plans to introduce Glass and other wearable technology to improve overall customer satisfaction, which it notes has been dropping off for the airline industry as a whole. Although Virgin doesn’t get into too many details, it seems likely that Glass will help concierges pull up information for customers much more quickly than they could using laptops or tablets so they can give them lightning-fast updates on their flight status, on airport amenities and so forth.

Although Google Glass faces a questionable future in the mass consumer electronics market, it is a pretty remarkable breakthrough for wearable computers and could find a nice niche for itself for professionals who could benefit from getting a lot of information quickly without getting bogged down in looking at a smartphone or laptop screen.


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