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BHM App 2.0: The upgrade of Nigeria’s first mobile app for Public Relations.

The start of a new year is usually a time of for upgrading old things, renewing the good and unveiling great stuff.  This has led the good folks at Nigeria’s leading PR agency, Blackhouse Media and the BHM Digital team to upgrade and develop a new version of the much-talked about BHM App, Nigeria’s first mobile application for Public Relations.

BHM App 2.0 comes with a new layout and interface designed for a more enjoyable user experience, quotes, facts and useful tips for PR and marketing communication professionals.

The new version also comes with restructured and updated directory divided into various sections for TV, print, radio, blogs and agencies in Nigeria as well as online and offline notifications.

BHM App, built solely by in-house developers was originally launched in Lagos on August 5th, 2014 as a tool to help journalists, bloggers, PR practitioners, agencies, and clients do their jobs better. It is readily available for the general public on Blackberry, iOS, Windows and Android devices.


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