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Awesome video walkthrough shows you everything new in iOS 7.1

So let’s say you’ve downloaded iOS 7.1 but you don’t have time to figure out all the new features it has. Fear not! A handy video posted by iTwe4kz breaks down everything that’s new with iOS 7.1, from major changes to minute details that you probably never would have noticed. The most important thing to know about iOS 7.1 is that you should not download it if you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone — Apple has patched all the holes that allowed for the iOS 7 jailbreak and you’ll have to wait a bit before there’s another jailbreak update for 7.1.

Other features detailed in iTwe4kz’s video include a new slide-to-power-off button that will slowly dim your smartphone’s display as you move it from left to right; changes to the phone interface including an easier way to add new contacts; new contrast options that let you reduce transparency, darken colors or reduce white point; improvements to calendar navigation; improved accessibility to passcode settings; and new settings for managing the yet-to-be-released Car Display feature.

In all it’s not the most exciting update in the world but it does patch some key bugs and fix some of the minor design issues that popped up when Apple released iOS 7 last year. The full video follows below.


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