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Apple reportedly readying fix for one of the most infuriating iPhone 5s bugs

Apple is reportedly working on a software update that will fix one of the bugs on theiPhone 5s that has been particularly infuriating for users. According to a report fromAppleInsider that cites a single unnamed source, an upcoming update to Apple’s iOS software will resolve an issue that causes the accuracy of Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s to degrade over time.

The issue was brought to light in a report late last year, and since then we have seen an increasing number of reports that make similar claims. When affected users first configure Touch ID, it works well for a period of time. Then, however, the scanner begins to fail when reading users’ prints, and the failures become more frequent over time.

AppleInsider’s source could not confirm whether this important iPhone 5s bug fix is set to be included in Apple’s upcoming iOS 7.1 update, which BGR exclusively revealed will be released sometime next month, or whether it will be released in a subsequent update.


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