How to add a subdomain on Vesta CP and Cloudflare


Recently, i managed a client control panel that was hosted on Vesta Cpanel. Being a newbie to the platform, i had some issues adapting to the system and getting to know my way around it.

I tried checking online for tutorial and didn’t actually find much or even video tutorials to help solve my problems.

The Vesta cp forum was quite helpful though, but i had to do a lot of trial and error to get most of the problem fixed.

The steps below helped me on how to add a subdomain on Vestacp.
1. Log into your Vesta CP. under the Web tab, -> Click Add Web Domain.



2. Enter in the subdomain you want to use (, select the IP address (eg., then add.

3. Log into your DNS. I use Cloudflare for my DNS. Just add the following records under the root domain (


Type           Name                IP Address
A                 sub2       
A                 www.sub2

Thats it.

You can access the files folder via FTP. The location would be in /home/example/web/

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