5 Raid Data Recovery Software for Your Hard Drive

raid data recovery

Setting up a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks, originally Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) configuration helps combines multiple physical disk drive components into one or more logical units for the purposes of data redundancy, performance improvement, or both.

Getting a good raid data recovery software is very important when you have problems with your drives as recovering data from them can be either an easy or painful process depending on the level of RAID and the nature of the RAID configuration, either it’s a hardware RAID or a software Raid.

Software RAIDs could turn up to be easy to recover in the manner that the data is stored in physically separate disks. It is not the case always. Software RAIDs could be as hard as hardware RAIDs when coming to recovering data upon a failed disk.

There are complications when you want to pull out some data manually from a malfunctioned hard drive. If a hard drive is not RAID configured, you don’t need to use the complicated methods. To make it easier there are software applications which make raid hard drive data recovery easy.

The list below can help raid data recovery for your drives easy.


1. DiskInternals

DiskInternals raid recovery uses a fully automated system for data recovery from RAIDs. It is not mandatory to have an automatic data recovery with this raid hard drive data software; you can also do it yourself manually.

Price: $249.95 | OS: Windows


2. GetDataBack

GetDataBack software come in two forms, one for FAT and one for NTFS file systems. You can purchase based on your need.

Price: $79~ | OS: Windows


3. ReclaiMe Free raid recovery

ReclaiMe Free raid recovery is not an entirely free data recovery software. This is a platform where you can actually see which files are available for recovery. You can decide whether you have the data you needed or not.

Price: Free | OS: Windows


4. Zero Assumption Recovery

Zero Assumption Recovery software allows you to recover data from your storage drives with various issues to solve. Raid data recovery is one of the options. This software performed a number of other functions.

Price: $39.95~ | OS: Windows, Linux


5. R-Studio Data Recovery Software

R-studio data recovery is a collection of software initially produced by R-Tools technology. It uses some of the advanced techniques and features in data recovery today.

Price: $49.99~ | OS: Windows, Linux, Mac


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