The 4 brilliant new YouTube features that Google revealed this week

While the world’s attention was focused on Google I/O this week, Google quietly announced some terrific new features to YouTube during VidCon. In case you missed it, the official YouTube Creators Blog breaks down the highlights for us and shows us how these new features will be terrific additions for anyone who frequently posts videos on their channels. While there are tons of new features, we’ve listed the four below that we think are the most interesting.

  1. The YouTube Creator Studio. This is basically a new way for you to manage your channel more efficiently by giving you real-time analytics and giving you more options for managing your videos and comments. This feature, which you can download as an individual app, is now available for Android and will be available for iOS in the coming weeks as well.
  2. Support for 60 FPS streaming. Gamers are going to absolutely love this feature, which will make their gaming video uploads look smoother and better than ever at 60 frames per second. Sadly this feature isn’t available just yet although Google says it will launch in a matter of months.
  3. A massive sound effects library. To add some more spice to your videos, Google is now offering a big library featuring “thousands” of sound effects that anyone can use without paying any royalties. Like the Creator Studio, this feature is available now and we’re sure that Google will keep adding sound effects to the library as time goes on.
  4. A virtual tip jar. Have you ever had a video go viral and thought to yourself, “Man, imagine if everyone who watched that video sent me a penny?” Well now they can, because Google is adding “another option for you, where fans will be able to contribute money to support your channel at any time, for any reason.”

All told, this looks like a great set of additions for YouTube users, who will not only be able to make better videos but make more money from them as well.


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