Xiaomi is pushing out Android 6.0.1 Updates to the Mi 4


Xiaomi is pushing out a couple of Android Marshmallow updates this week, that is for its Mi 4 flagship smartphone and its Mi Note. However, the Mi 4 appears to be receiving an extra update straight to Android 6.0.1.

Xiaomi mi4

From the screenshot above, the latest Mi 4 build number is MMB29M, compared with an older MMA58K tag that appears for the Mi Note and is listed on Xiaomi’s forum for the Mi 4. Given that MIUI 7 adds in so many of its own features on top and there’s not really very much new with 6.0.1 anyway, there’s probably little difference anway. Apparently the update weighs in at just 100MB.

Xiaomi  posted a short rundown of all the features packed into the Mi 4’s Marshmallow update. The immersive status bar now has global support for all apps, the file management UI has been simplified, and there are new controls for the type of USB connection mode you want when you connect up to your PC.

The camera app has also had some tweaks made to it. Pictures and videos now save a little faster and there have been some tweaks to color reproduction. The phone also now apparently doesn’t heat up as much when charging and there have been some optimizations to battery life too. Other than that, the main software features remain the same as those mentioned at the launch of MIUI 7 and 7.1.


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