The Windows 10 Technical Preview is here!

If you can’t wait to put Windows 8 behind you (and you’re the adventurous type) you can now download the Windows 10 Technical Preview. As we saw, Microsoft has made the “Modern UI” all but disappear on the desktop and moved it to the resurrected start menu. That gives users a more familiar, almost Windows 7-like, experience. This also marks the first time virtual desktops have been baked into Windows, and you can switch between via a thumbnail in the taskbar. Some features from the mildly loathed previous version, like charms, were retained, but Microsoft said that pretty much everything was subject to change before it launches late next year. If you’re ready for a long download and, no doubt, plenty of bugs, have a go here or the iso here. And if you’re still unsure, check out the quick guide to the preview, though be warned, it’s a sizable PDF file.


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