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Why the new Star Music App is a big deal

In rescent times, the Nigerian music industry has reached the top spot, with Nigerian artists now touring the world and African radio airwaves with its music. With over a hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to news, discussions and downloads of Nigerian music. There are even satellite TV channels which broadcast exclusively Nigerian music content.

StarMusicIn the midst of all this expansion, one hole which seems to have remained stubbornly unfilled is that of a rich, user-friendly mobile application for the Nigerian music industry – a music app, as against a mere content streaming or music magazine platform. The solution may just have come from the most unlikely of sources.

The Star Music App is a music platform, which incorporates content streaming, bulk, downloads, charts, curated content and playlists, entertainment news and editorial pieces into one aesthetically pleasing and simple user interface.

Star Music AppUnderneath the simple-looking UI, the app packs a lot of punch with fully developed sections dedicated to upcoming artists, feature articles from music journalists and industry insiders, exclusive releases, news scoops, videos and user-generated favorites.

The main thing that sets it apart from a typical music streaming app is that it does not focus only on discovering and listening to music, neither does it place an emphasis on getting users to explore back-content from its (huge) content library. In fact, by ordering content chronologically with the newest content first, it is structured in a way that makes users more likely to explore the newer content, much like a typical Nigerian music blog.

In this sense, it is trying to do something which is unprecedented in Nigeria by combining the functions of a curated content streaming service with that of a music magazine and occupying those market spaces as one single platform. Indeed, a look at the ‘Features’ tab on the platform reveals that a lot of work has gone into this – hasty marketing gimmick, this is not.


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