Sony SmartBand review: a fitness tracker that goes beyond fitness

When you hear the word “wearable,” there’s a good chance you think of a wristband, probably one that tracks your activity. Ever since Nike launched the FuelBand, your lower arm has become the main focus for fitness tech.
Already the rot is setting in, though. Nike is rumoured to be leaving the game completely (even if recent events suggest otherwise). Everyone else is still trying to decide what exactly a wrist-worn gadget should do.
No one device appears to have figured out the magic formula. Most bands stop at counting steps and logging sleep. But Sony decided to try something different with its $100 SmartBand wearable. It still does the step-tracking thing, just along with other stuff — like, y’know, logging your entire life. As much as it can with a motion sensor and mobile phone, anyway.

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