Sony Duo: Light Bulb Doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker

Sony introduced a product that simultaneously plays music and lights a room. They’ve combined a warm-colored LED bulb with an integrated Bluetooth speaker. This innovative mixture has a clean and modern aesthetic and is something you’d want openly displayed in your home.

The brightness of the bulb is measured at 360-lumen, meaning that it’s more of mood lighting rather than a spotlight. This could be perfect for a living room or above a dining room table – they’re areas where music and lighting pleasantly coexist. To play the tunes, simply stream it with Bluetooth/NFC compatible devices using an Android/iOS app called SongPal. The speaker is 2 watts of power.

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Installation of the bulb is easy – just screw it into the lighting fixture and you’re ready to go. It comes with its own remote in addition to the Bluetooth capabilities. Known formally as the Sony LSPX-100E26J, it’s only sold in Japan at this time. Availability in other countries has not yet been announced.

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