Samsung will reportedly unveil multiple Galaxy Gear models next week

When the follow-up to the Galaxy Gear
smartwatch is unveiled at Mobile World
Congress next week, Samsung might surprise
us all. USA Today reports that the Galaxy
Gear 2 will ditch Android in favor of
Samsung’s Tizen OS. Previous reports
regarding Samsung’s operating system have
indicated that the South Korean company has
struggled to convince manufacturers to move
away from Android, the worldwide leader in
the mobile market. Shipping the Galaxy Gear
2 with Tizen would be a huge boost for the
Samsung OS and its partners, while
simultaneously giving consumers a chance to
see the platform in action.
“The new Gear smartwatch operating system
will be an HTML5 version of Tizen,” said USA
Today’s sources. “HTML5 is the latest
version of the language and broader
technology that is used to develop websites
and web-based applications.”
Shortly after USA Today’s story was
published, The Verge reported that its own
source believes Samsung will unveil multiple
Galaxy Gear models at MWC. If this were the
case, it would allow Samsung to release a
standard Android sequel to the smartwatch
alongside a Tizen counterpart. Considering
the tepid reaction to the first Gear, it seems
much more likely that Samsung would play it
relatively safe for the second release. Offering
both models would give interested parties an
opportunity to test Tizen without shutting
Android out of the lineup.
At this point, it’s all hearsay, but we’ll know
for sure next week when Samsung shows up
in Barcelona.


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