PlayStation 5: Updates From Sony’s Next-Gen Game Showcase

Playstation 5

At the just-concluded Sony showcase, the one that promises to deliver “the future of gaming,” Sony Studios revealed some of the new games that will run on the new PlayStation 5 console.

Titles like Gran Turismo 7, Grand Theft Auto V, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and other games from big-name third-party developers will be coming to the new console.

Sony didn’t really reveal much about the console itself, but just before the end of the showcase, Sony finally showed a glimpse of the form factor of the PlayStation 5, a white futuristic machine.

Playstation 5
Playstation 5 Console and Accessories


Here are games to look out for when the console finally arrives.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Grand Theft Auto V


Resident Evil 8: Village


Horizon 2


Gran Turismo 7


Gearbox: Godfall


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