New leaks detail never-before-seen Galaxy S5 display features

samsung galaxy s5 concept
After a recent note to investors from a South Korean brokerage firm listed most of the specs of Samsung’s next flagship device a few days ago, more Galaxy S5-related specs have surfaced, further confirming the characteristics of the phone and revealing some never-before-seen Galaxy S5 display features.

Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who accurately predicted that the Galaxy S5 will be unveiled at MWC 2014 – he claimed Samsung will announce the handset on February 23, while the company sent out its Unpacked 5 press event invitation for February 24tweeted that the phone will pack a 5.24-inch AMOLED display with 2560 x 1440 resolution (560 pixel per inch density), 3GB of RAM, 32/64GB of memory, 16-megapixel camera, 3.2-megapixel front-facing camera and a 3200mAh battery.

When it comes to processor, Murtazin hinted the Galaxy S5 will come in two versions, one with an Exynos 6 processor and one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. The same set of specs was also listed in KDB’s note to customers.

Furthermore, the blogger said that the Galaxy S5 will get an S Band bracelet, a new version of S Health, as well as new accessories. As for software, Murtazin added that the phone will include “a lot of software for smart home,” without offering specific details. At CES 2014, Samsung unveiled its smart home plans, which will let users control various compatible smart appliances from mobile devices.

Finally, Murtazin said that the early launch of the Galaxy S5 is a “consequence” of the recently inked Google and Samsung “alliance.” Apparently the two companies “have to re-work a lot of things in 2014.” According to him, the Galaxy S5′s MWC debut has somewhat affected Nokia’s MWC announcement plans. “Nokia isn’t sure about own press conference on MWC,” Murtazin wrote. “They are discussing what they want to show after [the Galaxy S5 announcement] was confirmed.”

In addition to Murtazin’s revealing tweets, iTechAddict exclusively reports it has learned from a Samsung India R&D insider that the phone’s entire display will act as a fingerprint scanner, allowing the user to use fingerprint-related features by touching anywhere on the display. Previous reports did say that the phone will have a fingerprint scanner on board, likely embedded in the screen. Furthermore, he apparently confirmed the same set of specs KDB and Murtazin mentioned.

What the leaker wasn’t able to confirm is whether the handset will come in metallic and plastic versions. Apparently he only got to use the international version of the phone, which will launch in India later this year. However, he told the publication that the Galaxy S5 will have “a new design approach.” Interestingly, the insider said that the Galaxy S5 will not include any hardware buttons and instead rely on on-screen touch keys. Such a feature would be a first for a Galaxy S model, a departure from Samsung’s traditional use of hardware buttons. Assuming the leaker is right, the adoption of on-screen buttons would explain the increased display size of the Galaxy S5 in comparison to the Galaxy S4. HTC One 2 is also rumored to ditch hardware buttons in favor of on-screen ones.

A newly published report from South Korea seems to back up iTechAddict’s story. According to etnews, Samsung has developed its own fingerprint scanner for mobile devices, using a fingerprint swipe technology which would let the user swipe anywhere on the screen to enable fingerprint functionality.

While these recent leaks seem to paint the same picture for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 flagship, they’re yet to be officially confirmed by Samsung.


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