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Leaked pic might give us our first hint of the LG G3′s design

Is this a hint about where LG will be going with its next flagship handset? @evleaks gives us a new leaked picture of a smartphone called the LG isai FL that definitely shows LG upping its game design-wise from the LG G2 that it released last year.

The first thing we notice about the device is that its bezels look like the slimmest ones yet on an LG flagship phone, which is all the more remarkable considering that the G2 already has some of the slimmest side bezels of any smartphone with a display that takes up more than 75% of the handset’s front side. In fact, LG has become something of a pioneer in terms of making smartphones with tiny bezels, as a study conducted earlier this year found LG accounted four of the top 10 smartphones on the market with the slimmest bezels.

@evleaks says that the new device is only launching in Japan so it’s not likely to be the exact same as what the LG G3 will look like. Nonetheless, it might give us a look as to where LG is headed going forward, especially since it seemingly takes some cues from the Nexus 5 that it released with Google last year.

@evleaks’ picture of the new LG phone follows below.


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