How To Extract A Zip Folder in Filezilla

How To Extract A Zip Folder in Filezilla

I used Filezilla a lot to transfer files between servers. And in most cases, it takes quite a long time to do transfers depending on the numbers of files and folders.

I then thought of just uploading one zip archives and then extract it, But Filezilla does not have the extract function. So i went online to look for a solution and i found this script that allows you extract zip archives with Filezilla.

Follow the process below to extract zip archives with Filezilla

1. Download the php script unzipper.php
2. Extract and upload unzipper.php into the server with Filezilla, make sure it is inside the same folder where you have the zip file.
3. In your web browser, Go to the location of the unzipper.php E.G
4. Select the zip file from the input box.

The process will begin and you will get a success message when the process is done.

When you go back to Filezilla, you will see the folder you just extracted.

Remember to delete the unzipper.php when you are done.


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