Google Wants To Remove “Secure” Label From HTTPS Pages With Chrome 69

Users should expect the web to be safe by default, Google

Google shared some insights about the increase in HTTPS usage on Chrome across different platforms since its inception. Chrome traffic encryption efforts have made significant progress that Google now wants to remove the green “Secure” label on HTTPS websites beginning in September as they launch Chrome 69.

Chrome 69

Google explained that “users should expect that the web is safe by default.”

Product Manager for Chrome Security at Google, Emily Schechter announced in a blog post that starting in October with Chrome 70, Google will mark all HTTP pages with a red “not secure” warning in the event that a user enters data on an HTTP page.

Chrome 69

Platform owners  who are looking to secure their website can use some free and easy ways to secure them. An example is the non-profit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG)’s Let’s Encrypt that offers free SSL certificates.


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