We didn’t think it was possible, but Google Now just got even smarter

We have said it numerous times before and now we’ll say it again: Google Now is easily one of the best things to happen to mobile devices in the past few years. The service unburdens us by doing much of the thinking for us when it comes to the various events of each day.

What will the weather be like? What time should I leave for my meeting? Is my flight on time? When is the Keyboard Cat t-shirt I ordered finally going to arrive in the mail? These are all questions that Google Now answers before we even ask them — and now, Google’s eerily brilliant virtual assistant service is getting even smarter.

As noted in a report from Android Police, Google is testing a new feature that can create event cards based on conversations in your Gmail. Just as the service automatically makes a card when it sees the tracking number for a package hit your inbox, for example, so too will it make cards based on events that might have been discussed in an email thread but not added to your calendar.

So, for example, if you have an email chat with your friends about a birthday party coming up in a few weeks, Google Now will see that conversation and pop up a card asking if you’d like to add the event to your calendar.

It’s a pretty great new feature but for those who feel it might be a bit too invasive, it can be disabled in Google Now’s settings.


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