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Awesome Chrome extensions you may have never used

Google Chrome has quickly become one of the most popular browsers in the world on both desktop computers and mobile devices, but there’s plenty it can’t do on its own. Thankfully, there are thousands of extensions to improve upon the browser.

Head to the source link below for the full list, but we’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few of our favorites here at BGR (and throwing in some extras as well).

First up is my personal favorite: Jot. With the Jot extension, you can replace the new tab page with a note-taking app which will keep track of anything you type on it, even after you head to a new page or close out of the browser. The page also features a gorgeous new background every time you open it.

Next is UpTo, an extension that will make your Google Calendar even smarter than it already is. The UpTo sidebar appears every time you direct your browser to Google Calendar and offers a huge directory of TV show schedules, concerts, sporting events and more.

Most useful of all is Tab Snooze, an extension that allows you to send tabs out into the ether until a late point in time. With Tab Snooze, you can clean up your browser without closing out of a link that you might need later.

The two I want to add to the list are Pushbullet and Ghostery. Pushbullet automatically pushes your Android phone notifications to your browser (or vice versa) and Ghostery shows you exactly what’s tracking you on any given website.


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