Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review and Gameplay: Assassinate Rupert Ferris

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is a tale of dark conspiracies, violent gangs, child labour and heavy industry that succeeds in mixing up the well-established Assassin’s Creed formula and introducing a well-needed breath of fresh life.

Taking on the role of characters recruited by the Assassins of modern time to play through the memories of twin assassin, Jacob and Evie Frye.

Jacob character is a bold, a wannabe bad boy, cocky, skillful, arrogant and thinks of himself as the perfect assassin, while Evie on the
other hand is calm, stealthy, intelligent and proactive.

Syndicate strikes a perfect balance in making those segments add meaningful progress to the overarching plot of the series without overstaying  their welcome much needed for a story that’s barely moved an inch since 2012

It also does a good job of letting you mainly stick with whichever of the twin you prefer. In side missions, you can choose to play as Jacob or  Evie, and aside from some very minor differences in the skills they unlock as they level up. Evie ends up just a little better at stealth,  while Jacob has a tiny bit more survivability in fights, but the two play nearly identically.

Story missions force you into one role or another,  but they’re given about equal screen time, and the swapping made sense in the context of the twins’ often opposing viewpoints on the correct path forward.

Watch gameplay of the first sequence: A Spanner in the works.



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